New Hampshire Hand Therapy Center, Inc.

80 Palomino Lane, Suite 401

Bedford, NH 03110

Tel:603.669.7716     Fax:603.669.0103
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Our center offers a progressive and unique team approach by occupational and physical therapists specially trained in hand, upper quadrant and cervical spine rehabilitation.

Our center offers a progressive and unique

 team approach by occupational and
 physical therapists specially trained 
in hand and upper extremity
♦ Comprehensive Evaluations                 ♦ Graston Technique

♦ Custom Splinting                                  ♦ Low Level Laser Therapy

♦ Soft Tissue Mobilization                       ♦ Scar Management
♦ Therapeutic Exercises                          ♦ Ergonomics Education
♦ Sensory Re-education                          ♦ Work Site Evaluations
♦ Personalized Home Programs              ♦ Work Simulated Exercises
♦ Adaptive Equipment Assessments       ♦ Arthritis Program
♦ Kinesiotaping & McConnell Taping      ♦ Wound Care
♦ Remote Custom Prosthetic Fittings     ♦ Iontophoresis
♦ Functional Capacity Evaluations          ♦ Swelling control
♦ Post-Mastectomy Program
♦ Functional Capacity Evaluations          ♦ Pinching Without Pain Program