New Hampshire Hand Therapy Center, Inc.

80 Palomino Lane, Suite 401

Bedford, NH 03110

Tel:603.669.7716     Fax:603.669.0103

Our center offers a progressive and unique team approach by occupational and physical therapists specially trained in hand, upper quadrant and cervical spine rehabilitation.
We treat clients with a wide variety of upper extremity diagnoses:
burns, wounds
cumulative trauma & repetitive stress disorders such as carpal tunnel and epicondylitis, tendonitis
elbow injuries
neck injuries
peripheral nerve injuries
pain syndromes such as complex regional pain syndrome
reconstructive hand and wrist surgery
shoulder injuries
sports injuries
tendon laceration and strain injuries
traumatic injuries
work related injuries
post-operative breast surgery rehabilitation
Strengthening on the BTE (Baltimore Therapeutic Exerciser) can help our patient's regain the strength and endurance needed to resume purposeful activity.
Proper Splinting can improve joint alignment, reduce forces that produce deformity, increase function and reduce pain.

Specialized Taping techniques can:

* Inhibit maladaptive movements

* Correct faultly positioning of a joint

* Reduce edema and pain

Reduce tissue and scar adherence